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E   N   V   E   R   A   C   E

 Environmental  Career  Test

Discover your your most suitable environmental career path
based on your personality, character, interests, and preferences!

Environmental Career Test by ENVERACE is a quick yet reliable career test focused specifically on the domain of environment and Green Tech.

The test allows you to assess your suitability for different environmental career paths and discover your most suitable environmental job based on your personality, character, interests, and preferences.

The test assesses your suitability based on 4 criteria...


through basic psychometric algorithm that assesses different traits of your character.


through simple evaluation of your study background and experience in work environments.


through assessment of your personal interests and how they relate to life choices.


through analysis of your vision of a dream environmental job and how it relates to the needs of employers.


You will know what is the most suitable career and job in the domain of environment and Green Tech for you that you will enjoy and be highly successful in.

You will learn more about your personality and character that determine you as a unique candidate for environmental jobs and receive recommendations on how you can capitalize on them in your next job application.

By sharing your contact information and CV you will be matched to job posts shared with us by Green Tech companies and environmental organizations and will receive suggestions on the most suitable jobs for you based on the test results.

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