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E   N   V   E   R   A   C   E

Advanced  "LinkedIn"  for  Green  Tech

Environmental Community + Automatic Matching = Connecting People for Sustainable World

We are ENVERACE, the talent pre-selection and recruitment agency focused on the domain of environmental management, science, and eco-innovation.

We believe in the vision of a sustainable world where vision, mission and values of every single company and employee are aligned.

We achieve this vision by developing the tool for creating intelligent environmental job posts with automatic pre-selection of candidates to help Green Tech companies recruit the most suitable specialists.


ENVERACE is a startup that emerged from the environmental organization MEGA.

ENVERACE is built upon the 4-year experience of the organization, its resources, and the team. It also relies on MEGA expertise in connecting young environmentalists with environmental organizations in Moldova, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands.

ENVERACE has “graduated” from such startup acceleration programmes as
Rockstart Launchtrack Moldova and Founder Institute Chisinau


Analyze  generic  CVs

Compare  multiple  candidates

Find suitable  environmental  specialists


The solution ENVERACE brings to Green Tech companies and environmental organizations is the top outstanding environmental specialists, who are perfectly matching their environmental jobs, delivered effortlessly and on-time.

The solution is delivered through an international community of young and talented environmental specialists. They are prepared through the MEGA web platform and matched with Green Tech companies and their environmental jobs through the ENVERACE automatic pre-selection and assessment tools.


MIHAIL CEBANU, CEO and Strategic Development Coordinator

• Responsible for business development, marketing, and data visualization

• 7 years of professional experience with 11 successful projects realized

• Previous business experience: Strategist at WE IT SUPPORT, Manager at WIS and RVC, Facilitator at Ecovisio, Coordinator of sustainable development seminars.

ALEXANDR  ISCENCO,  COO  and  Product  Development  Coordinator

• Responsible for product design and development, research, connections with environmental communities, and service delivery

• 10 years of professional experience in environmental research with 18 scientific publications

• Previous startup experience: co-founded Dreamups, MEGA, 3D Magic Makers, and FACE ROBOTS

FELICIA  CRETU,  Community  Developer  and  Copywriter

• Responsible for environmental community building and writing articles, stories, and blog posts 

• Graduated from the Maastricht University 

• Previous professional experience: Green Office Maastricht in the Netherlands

IVAN  LOW,  Strategy  Adviser

• Responsible for supporting startup development and advising on growth strategy

• Graduated from the Australian National University  

• Professional experience: Admitted lawyer with 7 years of public sector experience




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