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Transform your environmental job post into intelligent candidate pre-selection tool
with a click of a button!

We are ENVERACE, the talent pre-selection and recruitment agency focused on the domain of environmental management, science, and eco-innovation.

We transform environmental job posts into intelligent candidate pre-selection tools through the ENVERACE Pre-selection Button with comparative analysis algorithms and candidate-job Suitability Score behind it.

From our research...


of a person - so high can be the cost of turnover for a company due to poor candidate-job match.
Source: Society for Human Resource Management, 2017.


due to improper candidate-job match and lack of cultural fit with the company.
Source: HR Technologist, 2017.


for environmental specialists means it becomes more difficult to get new candidates for environmental jobs.
Source: Environmental Science, 2017.

Do these problems affect your company as well?

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The ENVERACE Pre-selection Button is a smart widget that connects to your environmental job post and transforms it into intelligent candidate pre-selection tool.

The Button helps you avoid the burden of analyzing multiple long and complex applications and instantly get the most suitable candidates worth inviting for the job interview.

After doing all the candidate data collection and pre-selection work for you, the Button brings you the visual report with job post performance statistics, as well as leaderboard and profiles of the most suitable and qualified candidates for your environmental job.

Suitability Score

The Button uses the ENVERACE Suitability Score and comparative analysis algorithms to match candidate applications to critical job requirements and assign the Score to each one of them.

In the visual report that you receive the candidates come arranged in a leaderboard based on the Score with the most suitable and qualified candidates on top of it for you to immediately assess and invite them for the job interview.


SIMPLICITY: Just connect and pre-select.

IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK: Both you and your candidates receive pre-selection results immediately.

PROFESSIONAL FOCUS: Made for recruiters and environmental specialists by recruiters and environmental specialists.

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Working with the ENVERACE Pre-selection Button is EASY as 1-2-3...


Simply fill in the Request Form, thus sending us: description of your environmental job post and its requirements, information you want to collect from candidates, and your preferences for receiving the report.


Connect the Button received from us to the job post on your website, LinkedIn page, or external job portal. The Button is linked to the Application Form, which transforms your job post into intelligent pre-selection tool.


Use the report received from us to approach the most suitable and qualified candidates. The report includes: your job post statistics, leaderboard with candidates arranged by their Suitability Score, and applicants profiles.

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transform your environmental job post into intelligent candidate pre-selection tool.

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“I am ready to help you transform your environmental job post into intelligent pre-selection tool with my passion and skills in recruitment, communication, and data visualization.”

“I am happy to share my passion and skills in environmental science and gamification with you, as well as connect your job post to my global network of environmental specialists.

"I am interested in connecting with passionate environmentalists, writing articles and stories related to environment, and sharing the news about the ENVERACE Evolution with you".

“I am keen to connect talents to opportunities that can support sustainable development.”

“We are looking for CTO to add greater software development competence to our team.”


What our Partners and Customers say...

“To find the people we love to work with, this is the real treasure that not many of us can be proud of.

ENVERACE is like a GPS navigator on the path to that treasure.”

“Exraordinary good solution and candidate application form. They are beyond my expectations.

I appreciate your efforts very much.”

“Companies have specific hiring process: you have to send your CV, pass a test, an interview. Through this process you can make sure that you are hiring the right people for your job. There is one disadvantage I see to that process: it is time consuming, and you [ENVERACE] can reduce the work of the HR people.”

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